Platinum Double Chain Diamond Necklace


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Material: Platinum

Stone Material: Diamond and 18K Gold



  • The Endless Lucky Diamond Jewelry Collection:

    This collection is exclusively designed for those fortunate women who seek to unite elegance and good fortune. Each piece of jewelry is a masterpiece featuring heart-shaped and four-leaf clover designs, where every leaf of the clover is beautifully rendered in the shape of a heart. This ingenious design seamlessly intertwines luck with love, as if they were one.

Product Description: 

  1. Diamond Total Carat Weight: 3.282 ct The total weight of the diamonds on the necklace is 3.282 carats.
  2. Upper Half Chain Length: 145mm This is the length of the upper half of the chain, typically measured from one end of the necklace to the other, representing the front part of the necklace.

  3. Double Chain Section: This indicates that the necklace has a double chain section, which likely means that there are two parallel chains in the design.

  4. Total Outer Chain Length: 160mm This is the total length of the outer chain section of the necklace, usually referring to the overall length of the necklace.

  5. Total Inner Chain Length: 135mm This is the total length of the inner chain section of the necklace, with the inner chain likely representing the back part of the necklace.

  6. Four-Leaf Clover Part Width: 14.64mm This is the width of the four-leaf clover pendant, which is typically a decorative element on the necklace and has a shape resembling a four-leaf clover.

  7. Four-Leaf Clover Part Thickness: 2.74mm The thickness of the four-leaf clover pendant is 2.74mm, providing an additional dimension characteristic of the pendant.


Wearing Occasions:

  1. Formal Events: These elegant pieces are perfect for formal occasions such as galas, award ceremonies, and black-tie events. They will add a touch of sophistication and glamour to your outfit.

  2. Weddings: The collection is suitable for weddings, whether you're the bride looking for exquisite bridal jewelry or a guest wanting to make a statement.

  3. Celebrations: Wear these pieces to celebrate special milestones like anniversaries, birthdays, or any joyous occasion where you want to shine and feel lucky.

  4. Everyday Elegance: While they are certainly upscale, some items in the collection can be worn daily to add a touch of luxury to your everyday attire.

  5. Gift Giving: The collection also makes a wonderful gift for a loved one to mark a significant event or simply to show your affection and appreciation.


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