I love you 3000



Material: Platium

Stone Material: Light green tourmaline

Design Overview: The ring showcases a contemporary design, featuring a pristinely cut, square-shaped gemstone at the center. The band is sculpted with fluid, organic curves that resemble gentle waves, converging to cradle the gemstone in a harmonious embrace.

Gemstone Details: The centerpiece is a square-cut gemstone, exhibiting a pale green hue with remarkable clarity and brilliance. Its facets catch the light dynamically, suggesting high-quality cutting and polishing techniques.

Material and Setting: Crafted from premium-grade silver, the setting is polished to a mirror-like sheen, enhancing the stone's radiance. The bezel setting ensures the gemstone's security while allowing maximum light exposure for optimal sparkle.

Symbolism: The wave-like motifs of the band symbolize fluidity and adaptability, while the green gemstone at the heart represents growth and vitality, making this piece an emblem of resilience and renewal.

Total Carat Weight: 1.5 carats