If the reserved time for purchasing a diamond ring is more than 2 months, customization is better than finished products because it can choose the style according to personal preferences and the price is relatively cheap. If you are in a hurry to use it to propose, the finished product will be better because it can be quickly obtained, just choose.

1. Sufficient time to purchase diamond rings, customized
Customized rings can be designed with a specific style, unique and personalized, and are cheaper than finished products. But at least 2 months of time must be reserved, as individuals need to choose materials, styles, and inlay methods for bare diamonds and ring supports. Custom Necklace

2. I want to get the ring within 2 months, and the finished product is good
The process of customizing a ring is quite cumbersome and requires a long time cycle, usually around 2-4 months. If you want to propose or get married with a diamond ring in a short period of time, choosing it directly from a jewelry store will be faster.
May 01, 2024 — Kellery LLC