Brand Story:

Kellery, founded in Los Angeles in 2020, has quickly gained acclaim and affection from numerous celebrities. Our brand's narrative is infused with the vibrancy of the city, which is a hub of fashion and entertainment. Our inspiration is drawn from the diversity and innovation of this urban landscape, along with our deep respect for the uniqueness of each individual. Our brand story also includes moments of walking the Grammy red carpet and gracing the star-studded premieres, which have witnessed our brand's rise.


Valentina Ferrer using Kellery in Grammy 2022, J Balvin & Valentina Ferrer

 Valentina Ferrer Using Kellery in Grammy 2022


Yovanna Ventura using Kellery for Premier, 2022

Eva De Dominici using Kellery for Arrivals - Goya Cinema Awards 2023

Daniela Lopez Osorio using Kellery for The Daily Front Row 





Brand Vision:

Our vision is rooted in the respect for the uniqueness of every customer's beauty. Our jewelry is not merely an accessory; it's a tool for expressing and showcasing personality. We believe that every individual possesses their own unique beauty, and Kellery's jewelry is an extension of that uniqueness. Our vision is to empower everyone to discover and share their unique beauty, and our jewelry will be their timeless companions, bearing witness to life's significant moments. Whether it's about expressing individuality, celebrating love, or pursuing dreams, Kellery's jewelry stands as a symbol of confidence and unique beauty. We hope that by wearing our jewelry, you'll kindle and showcase the unique fire within, allowing the world to appreciate your radiance.

October 27, 2023 — Kellery LLC